Coastal Escape

Coast Gravity Park, the Sunshine Coast. For mountain bikers in the Pacific North West, these names—and the casual plans to go there—are about as common as arguing over bike lanes and deciding which farmers market to go to. For the rest of us though, that area can seem like a magical, far-off land that you’d have to catch a ride on a fairy, err, ferry, to get to. What’s Coast Gravity Park like for mere mortals who don’t do superman seat grabs in their warmup run? Once the shuttle trucks are parked for the night, where can you eat/drink/sleep? I’ve been meaning to answer these questions for myself for a while now, so when the latest dump of springtime snow hit my hometown, I knew it was time to pay a visit.


SAVE 10% at Tapworks Brewing Company after your day riding at the park.
Please bring your paper/phone with the confirmation email of your purchase.