Terms, Conditions & Waiver

Please read all of the following and sign the liability waiver before visiting Coast Gravity Park.

Notice to Riders, Parents and Guardians

Mountain biking is a dangerous sport and injuries are common and expected. Helmets are mandatory and we strongly suggest the use of full-face helmets and adequate body armour. If you are new to the mountain biking, you must be aware that there are many risks involved and basic off road skills are required to ride trails. Beginner mountain-biking terrain is available on our green trail. Advanced terrain and features should not be attempted unless you have previous experience with such terrain, and the correct skill set and equipment to negotiate challenging trails. You must read and follow our Riders Code of Conduct.

You are required to print, sign and bring this waiver of liability with you when visiting GCP.Read it carefully and make sure you understand everthing. Don’t understand something? Contact us