Ride, relax, and have your best days. Our shuttle hut is the home base to our trail network surrounded by wicked food and stunning views. Campfires in the winter, chill vibes in the summer.

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Regardless of your experience, professional coaching will help you navigate every feature of our mountain. We guarantee you will improve, gain more confidence and strengthen your abilities in a very short time. A professional instructor is available to show you the proper techniques to elevate your riding ability. Whether it is dialing in corners, or practicing pressure control and balance on your bike, we are available to take your riding to the next level. You can feel confident that we will ensure the proper progression to keep you from getting in over your head. With small group size and individual attention, we’ll have you feeling comfortable with your skills and learning environment.


Park shuttle numbers vary day to day depending on our conditions and ridership. Come check us out and experience our unique shuttle system first hand.


It was the strong support of our local community and dedicated riders like you that allowed Coast Gravity Park to open in May 2014. This park was built by riders, for riders, and the feedback we receive from our customers is paramount to the ongoing development and success of this park. Although it is us putting shovels to dirt, ultimately it is you, the riders, who will shape the future of Coast Gravity Park.

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Watch Remy Metailler Shred Jumps and Turns at Coast Gravity Park

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